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Short-term conflict that needs resolving? Long-term project that needs strategic guidance? Help with team dynamics or program assessment? Stone Bench has the creative ability, broad vision, and experience to guide you and your organization to a path forward.


Stone Bench can help you set a strategic plan for achieving your mission and goals, or update the plan you have to successfully address unexpected change.

Executive Coaching

In need of an objective, third-party opinion? Hungry for skills development for your own growth, or in prepping the next generation for leadership? Stone Bench provides coaching for teams and individuals that sets your organization on the path to success.

Team Building and Leadership Development

Is your team working as efficiently as it could? Does your staff trust your leadership? Does your leadership delegate effectively to your staff? Contact the Stone Bench to build strong teams and develop multi-layered leadership.

Writing and

Stone Bench can provide writing and editing support, up to and including full ghostwriting services.

Program Design
and Assessment

Need some programming or structural development to address a particular problem? Stone Bench can build new programming with you, or help you assess and adjust what you have in place already.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice

Does your business model and practice adequately serve your diverse client base? Does it account for the needs of your diverse staffing? Talk with the Stone Bench about ensuring that you’re responsibly, truly serving as broad a base as possible.

Facilitation and Conflict Mediation

Difficult conversations often don’t happen because it is easier to avoid them. Stone Bench can help facilitate the discussions you need to move your organization through hardship and obstacles, and provide strategies and structures for making them easier over time.

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