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Stone Bench Consulting is dedicated to helping companies and their employees be better at what they do. Our mission is to help executives, leadership teams, and entire organizations discover creative pathways around obstacles, through conflict, and into new, innovative thinking that allows them to find greater success and serve their clients more fully. If you, your team, or your company needs a push in the right direction, stop by the Stone Bench for some help.

Jeremy Besch

Founder & CEO

Progressive Educator,  Servant Leader, Agile Problem Solver



A Very Good Boy


Short-term conflict that needs resolving? Long-term project that needs strategic guidance?

Clients & Partner Organizations

Stone Bench Consulting works with community institutions and innovative organizations both locally and nationally.

How We Can Help

Stone Bench Consulting engages the power of thoughtful reflection, and is driven by making the time and space for creative exploration of the broad landscape. Leadership Development, Creative Problem Solving, and Structural & Programming Design all benefit from “big picture” assessment, collaborative, proactive identification of goals and benchmarks, and responsive navigation of obstacles. As you pursue personal & organizational growth, or address problems unique to your professional landscape, you’ll find solutions at the Stone Bench.


Our founder, Jeremy Besch, has spent his career facilitating movement through difficult challenges, and has developed a talent for building creative approaches to problems of both wide scale and minute detail. A Progressive educator, Servant Leader, and Agile problem solver, Jeremy is comfortable in environments that are hampered by obstacles and need change. Honest, accurate assessments, tough, direct conversations, and workable approaches to the way forward are all available at the Stone Bench. Come sit with us and see how we can help.


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Mountain Photo by Flora Pearl Kraatz

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